A Plan to Improve Oregon's Future.


A significant issue that impacts every family in our district is transportation.  With the economic growth we’ve experienced since the recession, congestion on our roads, bridges, and highways has increased dramatically.

As Vice Chair of the House Committee on Transportation Policy and a member of the Joint Committee on Transportation, Rich is actively engaged in the legislative process surrounding our State's transportation system and he has been a strong advocate for legislation to improve congestion in our region.

But the work has just begun. Rich will continue advocating to give local jurisdictions more authority to invest in long-term transportation solutions that will support our growing economy and keep congestion from costing us more in the long run.

Land use and Housing

Land use planning is an important part of Oregon's heritage. At the same time, responsible planning efforts must adapt to population and economic growth. Key decisions about how to accommodate this growth are best made at the local level. A “one size fits all” approach by regional and state government does not reflect who we are as a community or what we want to build for our children.

Oregon's current land use policies are hurting families and stifling our economy by unreasonably limiting the supply of available land. These restrictions drive the cost of housing up, contributing to our region's housing crisis and homeless population. Higher density may work for downtown Portland, but the communities in our district have consistently chosen lower density—front and backyards for kids to play in, and common spaces for community enjoyment.

As Chair of the Washington County Planning Commission, Rich has had a front-row seat in addressing these challenges. He has also represented families and homeowner associations for decades in his law practice. As your State Representative, Rich is committed to improving our land use system to enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Jobs and the Economy

Oregon's economy is booming, but not everyone has experienced the benefits of this growth. To support job creation in our communities, we must foster the conditions that allow entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses and inspire other companies to locate here.

As your State Representative, Rich has repeatedly rejected tax hikes, new regulations, and fee increases that negatively impact our economy by making it harder for small businesses to thrive here in Oregon.

Public Safety

As a father, grandfather, and member of the House Committee on Judiciary, Rich has fought to make our communities safer and more secure. By partnering with law enforcement officials in our district and around the state, Rich is working hard to ensure that our communities are safe, offenders our held accountable, and the rights of victims are respected. He is proud to have the endorsement of both Washington and Clackamas Counties' Sheriffs and District Attorneys.

Health Care

As a member of the House Committee on Health Care, Rich is recognized as both a leader and a voice of reason in Oregon’s health care policy discussions. Due to the web of tie-ins, kickbacks, rebates, and other complicated features of our nation’s health care system, it has become difficult for even the most advanced policy minds to understand how the health care market will respond to various forms of legislation. In addition, Oregon’s state government already struggles to balance its tax revenue with its desire to ensure that no one is left without food, shelter, or education.

While Rich applauds the desire of those who want to make Oregon an example for other states to follow, he recognizes the need to proceed with caution and to engage in thoughtful deliberations when adopting new policies to ensure that both our health care and legal systems are able to withstand them.


As a former school board chair, Rich is committed to providing all students with a high-quality education to prepare and equip the next generation of Oregonians for the diverse economy of the future.

While we are fortunate to have excellent public schools in our district, some are facing serious challenges. Rich has worked to return control over educational operations and finance to our local school boards and administrators. He also supports giving parents greater choice over how and where their children are educated. That's why he has fought to give tax breaks to parents who save for K-12 private schooling.


There is a tremendous need for trust in our government institutions and the people who make decisions on our behalf. With the public disgrace of our former Governor, the recent boondoggles of Cover Oregon and the Columbia River Crossing, as well as numerous other examples of back-room dealing, cronyism, and wasted money, it’s no wonder that many people are cynical about government.

While audits, such as those being conducted on our foster care system by Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, and discussions regarding the truth about our growing public pension liability are beginning to show results, much more needs to be done. Rich is committed to finding solutions for the big problems and not getting distracted by trying to impress his colleagues by passing new laws for its own sake. Instead, he will continue holding the state responsible for doing the work it already has in front of it with transparency and integrity.


One of the reasons Rich first ran for office is because he was disappointed in the level of discourse in politics. Too many elected officials and politicians are willing to resort to personal attacks and negative campaigning to win elections.

Rich consistently says that radical ideology is the enemy of good community dialogue. Our current partisan approach to elections and governance is not serving us well. Rich’s number one goal as a legislator is to affect a change for the better by moving away from the strictly partisan system that dominates our legislative process.

Rich is committed to running a positive campaign, respecting his opponent, and working hard to earn your vote.