Thank you.

I am supremely grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve as State Representative for House District 26 in the Oregon State Legislature. Never have I been more humbled than in grappling with the policies that make our communities what they are--from transportation and education funding to health care, public contracting, criminal justice, public pension reform, and housing. And while I'm disappointed that I won't have the chance to continue working on what have become, to me, very important objectives for the preservation and improvement of our lives and the lives of our families, I've learned more during my term in the Legislature than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me on this journey. Even now, I remain the luckiest guy I know. I have a wonderful family, a warm place to lay my head at night, enough to eat, and a sense that my being here means something. May our paths cross again in ways that allow us to feel truly loved by one another.