“Rich has quickly developed an understanding of the most important legal questions that lawmakers face. He thinks like a lawyer but speaks in practical terms that help others to understand complex issues.”
— John Foote, Clackamas County District Attorney
“Rich has already impacted key transportation and land-use decisions in Salem. His service in the Legislature and our communities has enabled him to ensure that Washington and Clackamas Counties are well-represented in debates about our region’s transportation system.”
— Andy Duyck, Washington County Chair
“Rich’s years of service to our communities make him uniquely qualified to return to Salem on our behalf. He understands the issues facing our state and region, and his hard work and leadership have already paid dividends for Hillsboro.”
— Steve Callaway, Hillsboro Mayor
Tigard Tualatin Sherwood Times Endorsement
“I’ve worked extensively with Rich and know he would be a great State Representative.”
— Bob Terry, Washington County Commissioner
“After working side by side with Rich in County Government, I know that he is best prepared to represent the legislative interest of House District 26.”
— Roy Rogers, Washington County Commissioner
“Rich really knows how to get things done.”
— Edmund Duyck, former Washington County Farm Bureau Chair
“I’ve known Rich for years and I’ve always trusted his judgment and respected his leadership ability. “
— Allyn Kirnak, public school Principal and Psychologist
“Rich Vial’s leadership, experience, and integrity have served his community well in the legislature.”
— Mike McLane, Oregon House Republican Leader
“Rich Vial’s decades-long commitment to public service, personal integrity, and investment in our community speak volumes about his character and qualification to serve.”
— John Davis, former State Representative
“The difference Rich has made since being elected is astounding. I’ve enjoyed working with him on Health Care policy and I look forward to working with him in the future on other statewide issues.”
— Knute Buehler, State Representative
“Rich has always exhibited real caring for the community and its families.”
— Mark Gardner, former State Representative
“Rich is a credit to his family and community.”
— Charles Starr, former State Senator
“Rich has the temperament, experience and drive to be a great public servant.”
— Gordon Smith, former U.S. Senator
“Rich really understands that proper use of our land is key to building successful communities.”
— Dave Hunnicutt, Oregonians in Action President

Rich is proud to be endorsed by:

  • Sherwood Gazette
  • Hillsboro Tribune
  • Willamette Week
  • Bob Hermann, Washington County District Attorney
  • Pat Garrett, Washington County Sheriff
  • Craig Roberts, Clackamas County Sheriff
  • Jeff Groth, Sherwood Police Chief
  • Scott Starr, Wilsonville City Council President
  • Tim Rosener, Sherwood City Councilor
  • Billie Reynolds, King City Councilor
  • Matt Wellner, Washington County Planning Commissioner
  • Jerry Willey, former Hillsboro Mayor
  • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Oregon Small Business Association
  • Oregon Chiefs of Police Association
  • Oregon State Sheriffs Association
  • Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
  • Oregon Nurseries’ Political Action Committee
  • Tim Voorhies, Steel Tek Industries Inc.
  • Lori Butcher, Dave's Garage Door Service
  • Grow Construction LLC
  • And many more...